Everyone has a different way to make coffee and the internet abounds with guides of how it should be done. At Patricia, because we place such a premium on consistency, we don't alter our recipes very often.

This is a brand new website so we are working on a more comprehensive brew guide. For now, we have the following simple advice, based on the way we make coffee at Patricia:


We use 19g ground coffee, 46g beverage. If your portafilter doesn't hold 19g, just use the same ratio 1 : 2.4.

Clean everything as well as you can, especially everything that will touch your coffee.

Carefully tamp your coffee as flat and evenly as you can.

Aim for your shot to run for 26 - 36 seconds, but don't sweat if it doesn't. It should still taste yummy.


We use 55g - 60g of ground coffee per 1 litre of water. This is a pretty good starting point for any filter method. The ratio is 1 : 16.7 - 18.2. Just adjust your recipe to taste.

Again, clean everything like crazy. It might be obvious but cleaning is important and fun. 

If you have any coffee brewing questions, contact our Brew Guru (Bruru?) Henry here. A good starting point for recipes and methods is brewmethods.com. We'll arrange a more comprehensive brew guide soon!