Patricia Coffee Brewers is owned and run by best mates Bowen Holden and Pip Heath. The name Patricia comes from their respective grandmothers (both sadly no longer with us) and is meant as a warm tribute to two amazing women who have been very influential in their lives.

Upon opening in December 2011, we were excited to showcase our favourite Melbourne coffee roasters, including Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Small Batch, Proud Mary, Everyday, Blume, Core, Manta Ray, Fieldwork, Craftwork and others. In 2016 we started roasting our own coffee at Bureaux Collective (now Fieldwork) gaining us even more of a connection with our product, as well as more control over the way it tastes. These days in store we serve our own seasonal espresso blend (the 'Patricia Blend') and filter coffees, while continuing to offer guest coffees alongside these to keep things interesting and stay in touch with those great roasters that we love.

We offer a bounty of delicious goods from our favourite local bakeries, including All Are Welcome, MörkSmall Batch, Sucette and others. A lot of bakeries supplying one tiny coffee shop, sure, but we want the yummiest treats we can find.

Since day one we have endeavoured to give an amazing service experience to every single customer. Our team has been super important in helping us achieve this and we have been very lucky over the years to work with a host of amazing people.

The utmost care is taken to be present and connected with anyone who has gone out of their way to visit us. We sincerely hope that if you come and see us, you can tell.



Website photography by Maddie Vlismas, Andrea Maclean, Letícia Almeida and others - thanks heaps!