At Patricia Coffee Brewers we purposefully allow our espresso beans to age for two to four weeks before brewing and serving. This is because we find overly fresh espresso is often more gassy and can be a bit too sharp. After a few weeks our espresso beverages, while retaining 'full-flavouredness' and body, have more clarity and balance and present as mellower and generally more delicious.

Filter coffee is not aged purposefully but we find that waiting at least a few days before serving it in the shop improves flavour, and it certainly continues tasting great well after a couple of weeks.

We by no means suggest that this is the only way to do things or that anyone else should take this approach. We've simply found that this method has worked very well for us. If you've ever tasted an espresso based coffee at Patricia, it was aged two to four weeks.

We roast our coffee at Bureaux in Abbotsford every Thursday, and sometimes other days if we run short. When you place an order online, we will pack and send it from the freshest batch within two business days unless you tell us otherwise or there are some unforeseen circumstances. If we send coffee on a Friday, it will have been roasted the day before. If we send it on a Tuesday, it was most likely roasted the previous Thursday.

Our belief is that too much attention has been given to coffee being sold as fresh as possible and that this is a distraction that can get in the way of enjoying really great coffee. 

We know that our customers have a wide range of brewing equipment and methods, as well as varying beliefs about how fresh their coffee should be. What we really want is for our customers to get what they want. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about our roast dates, brew methods or anything else we may have missed here.