Espresso Coffee Subscription

  • Receive deliveries weekly, fortnightly, three-weekly, monthly or every two or three months
  • Set for a certain number of deliveries, or set an ongoing subscription that you can cancel any time
  • All coffee subscriptions are sent on Fridays for a flat rate of $5.00

Signing up for an Espresso Coffee Subscription means you will be sent the current Patricia Blend in whichever interval you choose. We can either grind it how you'd like or send you whole beans if you have your own grinder. If you are purchasing this as a gift, it's worth finding out how the lucky person normally purchases their coffee.

We roast and send out all subscriptions on Thursdays. Upon starting a subscription we will send your first delivery on that Thursday. After your chosen interval length we will send your next delivery on that Thursday, and so on.

While we rotate the components of our espresso blend seasonally, we are always aiming for it to taste consistently delicious whether enjoyed black or white. The current incarnation is 50% Ethiopian Chelchele, a washed coffee imported by Cafe Imports and 50% Colombian San Vicente, a washed coffee imported by Cofinet.

Flavour Profile: Sweet, balanced and full-bodied with mild acidity. Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus.